Garden villa

We have had the pleasure of knowing Colin Irvine for the past 4 years. We first met Colin when he completed the routine maintenance of our heating system and we instantly recognised many of his qualities as a worker. These include his easy friendly manner, politeness, careful, efficient and professional workmanship. Also his English background and fluent Swiss German were evident and appealing to us, a Swiss/Australian couple. Hence, we contacted Colin to ask if he had the time and desire to work for us as the part time caretaker of our Event Venue, which we run from our home here in Luzern.

Colin has since been working for us on a casual basis and we are delighted to have his competent services. He has excellent time management skills, is passionate about woodworking and works with pride and self motivation. His duties have included renovations, designing and constructing, plumbing, repairs and general maintenance of our home, party areas, guestroom and garden.

We regularly spend winter in Australia and confidently leave our property in Colin’s good hands. Colin obviously enjoys a challenge and has proven himself to be very honest and reliable, able to work alone or in a team, flexible and cooperative and uses his knowledge, skills and experience to complete all tasks to an excellent standard.

Colin has the qualities, experience, skills and knowledge necessary, but also he demonstrates the ability to learn new techniques, research other options and make good decisions.